The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has delayed its rulemaking to repeal the Obama-era Ambush Election Rule yet again.

It is long past time for the Labor Board to repeal this assault on workers' rights, which it promised to do last winter.

The Trump NLRB has taken initial steps to dismantle this ambush election scheme but Obama holdovers and career swamp-dwellers have already delayed repealing the rule twice.

Moreover, the Labor Board has also failed to take multiple opportunities to roll back additional Obama-era rules blocking workers from voting out unions they oppose.

They say in Washington, nothing moves unless it's pushed.

That's why it's vital you tell Labor Board members to stop the delays by signing your petition below immediately.

After you've signed, please help your National Right to Work Foundation continue defending worker freedom in the courts and at the NLRB by pitching in your most generous tax-deductible contribution right away.

Mark Mix
Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work

Petition to National Labor Relations Board

The Obama NLRB's ambush election scheme was designed to make union organizing drives one-sided as possible; and

Union bosses routinely use the ambush election scheme to expand Big Labor's power by trapping workers and forcing them to pay dues to a union that they oppose; and

Board-invented doctrines actively block employees from exercising their legal right to vote on whether to remove unwanted union representation; and

94% of workers have not voted for the incumbent union.

I urge the National Labor Relations Board to stop delaying and immediately take action to rescind the Ambush Election Rule imposed in 2014 and implement other overdue reforms as called for by the National Right to Work Foundation to stop blocking workers from removing unions they oppose.